Source Center Inc

SCI is a Source for
Value-Added Opportunities

Source Center, Inc. understands that our customers are constantly looking for improvement; seeking new ideas that satisfy objectives.

Motivated by the belief that imaginative thinking creates new opportunities for greater efficiencies and benefits, SCI

is committed to introducing innovative product offerings that convey value by satisfying customer needs.

Value Added Opportunities, another service offering by which SCI        is motivated to be a resource for our customers, not just a vendor!

SCI Distribution Services

SCI takes the hassle out of ordering, your purchase order can be placed via; email, phone or mail.

Upon receipt, SCI Customer Service will; acknowledge your order, check for accuracy and process for timely delivery.

When contacting SCI by phone, you will talk with a live person and not have to deal with a frustrating automated answering system.

Though never pleasant, SCI knows that problems occasionally occur and if not handled correctly, can have a negative impact on your operations. SCI Customer Service will work with you to resolve problems in a timely manner so that you can continue to function without interruption.

SCI Customer Service, another reason why SCI is a resource and not just a vendor!

SCI Manufacturers Network

Source Center, Inc. has assembled a varied collection of manufacturers, thus making extensive product offerings available for customer use.
This network facilitates SCI’s ability to do product research for the customer, which enables them to focus on other tasks.
The SCI Manufacturers Network, another reason why SCI
is a resource and not just a vendor!

Source Center Inc

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